[Linux-aus] [Osia-discuss] If you could ask Microsoft a question...

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Sun Jan 13 11:05:49 UTC 2008

<quote who="Jiri Baum">

> They were discussed in more detail elsewhere on this thread. The most
> likely ones, I think, are (a) some press dude comes along and says "Wow,
> those freetards sure treated Microsoft badly", or (b) they come in, dodge
> any hard questions and walk out again amicably, giving us nothing and
> gaining some minor measure of goodwill for themselves. Neither of these is
> mitigated by boycotting the event; at most, (a) might become "Wow, those
> freetards sure treated Microsoft badly by not even turning up", ensuring
> (b) by default.

Given that these are fairly pedestrian outcomes, and unlikely anyway, I am
surprised you'd chalk them up as "harms". I mean, (b) sounds like a good
opportunity to get some sleep, which is quite a healthy activity. Let's not
go off the deep end here.

> Besides, what possible positive outcome would one expect from a Q&A
> session?

Having a conversation.

- Jeff

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