[Linux-aus] Final week for nominations for the LA 2008 committee

Julien Goodwin linux-aus at studio442.com.au
Sat Jan 12 05:57:14 UTC 2008

On Sat, Jan 12, 2008 at 01:24:28AM +1000, Anthony Towns arranged a set of bits into the following:
> Current candidates (ie, people who've accepted their nominations) [0]:

It's worth noting:

> President: Stewart Smith

> Vice-President:
>   Stewart Smith
>   James Turnbull
>   Stephen Walsh
All Melbourne.

> Secretary: Terry Dawson
NSW (I guess, he has a VK2... callsign)

> Treasurer: Anthony Towns

> Ordinary member:
>   Melissa Draper
>   Marco Ostini
>   Paul Schulz
>   Stewart Smith
>   James Turnbull
>   Stephen Walsh

I see Sydney and Melbourne there, don't know where Marco or Paul are

Much as I love Melbourne it would be good to have some variety in the
committee. Perhaps some regional VIC or NSW, or SA, NT, TAS or WA people
would like the chance to represent those outside the major population

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