[Linux-aus] Final week for nominations for the LA 2008 committee

Anthony Towns secretary at linux.org.au
Fri Jan 11 15:24:28 UTC 2008

Hi all,

It's the final week for nominatios for the LA 2008 committee. 

Nominations are set to close at 00:00 UTC on the 17th, which is to say
sometime between 9am and 11am on Thursday, if you're in an Australian

If you think someone else should be on the ballot, now's the time to
nominate them; if you've been nominated and want to have a go, now's
the time to accept your nomination.

There'll then be a one week lull where you can quiz the candidates as much
or as little as you like. Online voting then happens from the 25th to
the 31st. This overlaps with linux.conf.au, so if you're attending the
conference, you can either vote before you leave, or after chatting with
some of the candidates in person, as you prefer. Results are announced
two days later at the Linux Australia AGM on Saturday the 2nd.

Current candidates (ie, people who've accepted their nominations) [0]:
President: Stewart Smith

  Stewart Smith
  James Turnbull
  Stephen Walsh

Secretary: Terry Dawson

Treasurer: Anthony Towns  

Ordinary member:
  Melissa Draper
  Marco Ostini
  Paul Schulz
  Stewart Smith
  James Turnbull
  Stephen Walsh


[0] http://linux.org.au/membership/?page=view-election&id=11#candidates

Anthony Towns
Secretary, Linux Australia

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