[Linux-aus] DRAFT LA financial report 2007

Anthony Towns aj at azure.humbug.org.au
Fri Jan 11 14:26:55 UTC 2008

Hey all,

Attached are _DRAFTS_ of financial reports that will be presented at
the AGM on the 2nd of February.

Cashflow report for Linux Australia, 1/1/2007 - 31/12/2007
    - cashflow-2007.pdf

Profit and Loss report for LCA 2007
    - profit-2006-lca7.pdf (1/7/2006 - 31/12/2006)
    - profit-2007-lca7.pdf (1/1/2006 - 31/12/2007)

Profit and Loss report for LCA 2008 to date
    - profit-2006-lca8.pdf (1/7/2006 - 31/12/2006)
    - profit-2007-lca8.pdf (1/1/2006 - 31/12/2007)

Some stuff you can deduce from this:

    - the organisation is $156,000 better off at the end of 2007 than it
      was at the end of 2006

    - excluding expenses prior to 30th June 2006, LCA 2007 made $45,000
      more than it spent (that excludes "ghosts", the handover from the
      lca 2006 team to lca 2007, and the cost of the postcards handed out
      at lca 2006)

    - LCA 2008 is currently $264,000 in front -- wouldn't it be great if
      we didn't actually have to pay for venues and accommodation
      and such?

Note that these are essentially diffs compared to the state of our
finances as at the end of 2006. There should be a balance sheet to go
with this which would give us the current state of our finances, but
the software we're using is set up for July-June financial years which
doesn't mesh with our January AGMs, and I hadn't thought to change that
'til now. 

In any event, we've got about $450,000 in cash assets atm; though LCA
2008 liabilities (like the venue, dinner, attendee accommodation, etc)
will be devouring up to $264,000 of that.

Over the past year, non-LCA expenses made by LA have been:

    $ 930 Bank fees
    $ 284 Credit card fees

    $2045 Face to face meetings
    $ 104 Committee sundry expenses
    $  41 Postage and faxes
    $ 122 Hardware purchaes

    $ 150 Insurance

    $ 725 "Subscriptions" (actually miscoded OpenCD printing)
    $3089 LPI costs (against an income of $2173)

    $ 273 Grants - sundry
    $4896 Grants - travel

    $1818 Special projects - Unlocking IP sponsorship
    $1980 Special projects - Travel (mostly CEBit)

Non-LCA income by LA has been:

    $ 127 merchandise sales (Paul Wayper's coffee project)
    $8585 interest received
    $2173 LPI
    $ 266 miscellaneous (I've not been able to work out what it is)

That totals to $16,457 and $11,151, which balances as:

         11,151  non-LCA income
        -16,457  non-LCA expenses
	 -5,306  non-LCA loss

        264,327  profit-2007-lca8 Net Profit LCA 2008 over 2007
       -102,630  profit-2007-lca7 Net Loss LCA 2007 over 2007
        161,697  =                profit due to LCA

        156,391  cashflow-2007    Operating profit LA over 2007
       -161,697                   profit due to LCA
         -5,306  loss due to non-LCA LA activities

There's lots of ways of approaching budgetting, but one way to look at
it for LA would be to allocate each year's LCA surplus against all the
non-LCA activities LA undertakes in the same year. For 2007 that would
mean we could have made a $45,000 loss, so we could have undertaken
about $56,151 worth of activities instead of the $16,457 we did, while
still keeping the organisation running smoothly. [0]

BTW, thanks in particular to:

    - Terry Dawson and Janet Hawtin who've done lots of stuff I should
      have been doing as secretary while I've been distracted with getting
      these numbers sorted

    - Donna Benjamin and James Turnbull who've gotten the LCA '08
      data-entry down pat so we can have figures current to end of
      December just a week into January without me having to worry about
      guessing and getting them wrong


[0] Man, I've wanted to know enough numbers to write that paragraph
    for ages.

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