[Linux-aus] 2020 Summit - Linux Community representation

Marco Ostini m.ostini at uq.edu.au
Fri Feb 15 04:44:02 UTC 2008

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Marco Ostini">
>> To that end, what is happening in this regard? Is someone coordinating the
>> effort, are there people willing to push to have particular LA members
>> attend, who will kick this very important issue along?
> As it's all about individual self-nomination,

Nope. Wrong.

"If you are interested in participating in the Australia 2020 Summit as a 
delegate on 19-20 April 2008 in Canberra, or wish to *nominate someone 
else* you believe has an important contribution to make to the discussion ..."

Lets get organised, and coordinate the LA members to nominate the people we 
would like to attend.

First, lets make a list of the people we would like to see there. They can 
then respond with a yea or nay.

People who have been suggested in the past include:

* Tridge
* Pia

Given that each person can only be on 3 out of the 10 workgroups, we need 
at least 5 people attending for suitable coverage.

How does the suggestion of not nominating currently serving LA executive 
sound? That avoids direct political/organisational affiliation and they 
probably have more than enough on their plate.

Some people I'd also like to see attend are:

Jon Oxer

Lets make this a nice long list, so that we can then distil down to those 
willing and keen to participate.


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