[Linux-aus] LUG Videoing Grants Proposal

Silvia Pfeiffer silviapfeiffer1 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 10:56:30 UTC 2008

I totally agree with Ryan:
* audio is really important to get right - sort out your mic situation
* HD recording a DV camera to a laptop is a valid alternative to a hard disk
recording camera (in fact: it is what we did a FOMS) - but you may need to
invest in both a DV camera and a laptop ;-)

Simply put: every LUG will need to analyse their situation and find the best
solution for themselves. Our experiences can just be recommendations.


On Feb 12, 2008 2:32 PM, Ryan Verner <ryan at uanywhere.com.au> wrote:

> On 11/02/2008, at 11:31 PM, Julien Goodwin wrote:
> >> - We let LUGs choose the equipment/approach they want, but point at
> >> existing
> >>   suggestions, such as:
> >
> >>
> http://lists.linux.org.au/pipermail/linux-aus/2008-February/016575.html
> >>       -- Julien Goodwin voluteers to do transcoding from HDDs or DVDs
> > Stuff that. I'll just say that if a LUG gets the talk recorded should
> > they request it I commit to working with them to get me source media
> > in some format and I'll get it edited, encoded and uploaded.
> >
> > If all six groups all decide to buy DV cameras and post me tapes
> > then I'll
> > just have to go and buy a deck.
> More to the point, we should be about distributing knowledge and
> assistance to enable more people to do this, rather than assigning
> tasks to a single person.  Do you honestly really want to take on that
> workload? :-)
> I'll put an emphasis on audio, too, if we're talking about grants -
> audio is something often neglected, and the microphones built into
> camcorders often totally suck for recording talks as they're generally
> not hugely directional and pick up tons of ambient noise (which is
> distracting).  As Silvia suggested, ensure cameras have audio in at an
> absolute minimum; investing in some mics would be ideal (there's a ton
> of options here; lapel, handheld, on-desk, shotgun, etc).
> I've seen some comments too where people have been scared off the HD
> recording route, I'm assuming due to the technical issues in '05 and
> '06 - I need to do a blog post about all of this, but they've got to
> do more with bleeding edge software rather than the technique being
> flawed.  Recording DV from a camera to a PC is a completely valid
> option, and it's been done tons of times in the past for production-
> grade things with success, but the advantage of the DVD recorder route
> is that it is a simple 'appliance' (less prone to failure) and one can
> easily transport and distribute out the encoded media for transcoding.
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