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Jonathan Oxer jon at oxer.com.au
Tue Feb 5 02:52:52 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-02-05 at 10:07 +0900, Bret Busby wrote:

> Oh, and, as an example of lost opportunities, it is unfortunate, that 
> PLUG has an AGM coming up a week from today, without this being an 
> Agenda item for the AGM, as (apparently) Linux Australia has decided to 
> exclude the UG's, as the affected people, from input,

Um, huh? I'm at a loss for words on this.

> So, with the PLUG AGM coming up, a week from today, I suggest that 
> some appropriate office bearer from the new Linux Australia committee,

This is exactly the problem I've been trying to overcome for so long.
It's not up to the "blessed" people on the Committee (now called the
Council, to emphasize that it's an oversight body and not a project
team) to personally undertake every little task that every LA member can
think of.

> formally contact the UG's, and advise them of the proposal, and seek 
> their input, so that the proposal can be discussed that the UG level, 

There is no proposal. It was an idea floated by AJ, but it hasn't gone
further than that. Nobody has a specific plan that they're keeping
secret from the LUGs until after the PLUG AGM. There is no conspiracy.

If you (or anyone else from PLUG, or anywhere else) think AJ's idea has
merit, please *create* a proposal! Don't just say "wouldn't it be nice
if those lazy LA Council bods got off their butts and implemented my
$RANDOM_IDEA in all their spare time".

If you want it done, do it.
Cheers    :-)

Jonathan Oxer
Ph +61 4 3851 6600
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