[Linux-aus] DDA - new music delivery platform+software

Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Wed Dec 17 21:19:11 EST 2008

Hi music-freedom lovers ;-)

So, I just saw a story on DDA on the 7.30 report. See http://www.dda4me.com 
  for info.
It's a Melbourne invention, has some patents on it, comes as software  
+ data on USB with activation key (goes online), and delivers rich  
media foo to replace the CD.

Seems to work on Win+Mac, but what about Linux? (I honestly don't  
know, the site doesn't tell  - so don't start protesting yet, find out  
And what in the future with changed and new platforms? Will this fly?  
If it does fly anyway, will the world get stuck with a software+data  
pile of USB keys that become unusable?
The online info does say that it's easy to shift music into say  
iTunes, so that's a good thing I suppose although that in itself means  
nothing for possible DRM, the site doesn't say anything on that topic  
which is a bit of a worry in itself.

The stuff can get updated after activation. That also sounds like a  
marvellous target for potential viruses and other malware.

Not wishing to diminish the innovative thinking of this Melbourne  
fella (a music industry veteran, apparently) but I think there are  
enough topics here to ponder very seriously.

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