[Linux-aus] OSOTA and Paypal on LA

James Purser james at jamespurser.com.au
Thu Aug 21 15:58:42 EST 2008

On Thu, 2008-08-21 at 15:38 +1000, Chris Fordham wrote:
> Against Paypal for sure.
> I do understand that there are no non-commercial gateways out there.
> Does that mean we should accept monies via commercial entities? who knows
> Like I said, happy to help, just voicing my $0.02.
> Can I ask why we are asking for money/donations?

Quite simply because Linux Australia has exactly one source of income,
and if it wants to be able to continue to do "teh cool tings" then it's
going to need to diversify. Tie that in with the fact that many people
have mentioned a wish/desire to donate to LA and you have the drive to
allow people to do so.

Once again, what problem do you have with Linux Australia receiving
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