[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Council Minutes Meetings: 2008/08/14

Jonathan Oxer jon at oxer.com.au
Fri Aug 15 09:43:07 EST 2008

Hi James,

> 1.  Reconstitute the committees - the 60 second effort
> 2.  Review the commmittees - partially started at the last face2face
> 3.  Re-write Sections 21 and 22 to explictly reflect that sub-committees
> are now committees
> It was my belief that 3. requires an amendment since Amendment 4 didn't
> include those changes.  If the amendment isn't needed then great.  I've
> attached the update I proposed.

Damn, that was an oversight on my part when I was drafting Amendment 4.
Sorry. I should have included the specific re-wording with the proposal
so there would be no need to discuss it later. The wording you've
written for the change is spot on.

However, my understanding is that even though the specific wording
wasn't tabled at the AGM you don't need to go through the whole
motion-at-AGM-with-super-majority rigmarole again to enact those
changes. You should be able to just go ahead and make the changes as
required because the intention to carry out the amendment was already
carried, and what's happening now is just the mechanics of enacting that
decision. You already have the authority to do it.

My advice is that since the decision to make the changes has already
been approved in principle by the membership you should just table the
specific wording you've drafted at the next Council meeting and apply
those changes right away.

For those who don't know the back-story to this, what James and I are
talking about is amendment #4 as listed at:
that was passed at the 2008 AGM.

Cheers    :-)
Jonathan Oxer
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