[Linux-aus] Software Freedom Day CDs from Linux Australia

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Aug 12 22:05:43 EST 2008

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Hi everyone,

Linux Australia has approved the funding of $5,000 for printing Open Disc CDs
to be distributed to Software Freedom Day groups in Australia.  Replicat, a
disc printing company in Sydney, has come up with a deal where they will print
8,000 CDs and post them to nine different groups around Australia for $4,917 -
this works out to about 890 CDs per group.  Your Software Freedom Day group
can be a part of that!

What I need is for Software Freedom Day groups in Australia to contact me on
this email address or on my numbers (w) 02 6229 8026, (h) 02 6251 5257 or (m)
0422 392 081.  I would like an approximate number of CDs that they would like
to get and a postal address to receive the CDs.  I need this communication no
later than 9AM **Monday 1st September** so I can inform Replicat of where to
post the CDs to.  The CDs will be printed with the artwork available at
http://mabula.net/sfd-2008-cd-label.png (svg and tiff versions also exist with
the same name).

I encourage every group that gets CDs from Linux Australia to take up
donations or get sponsorship for the CD printing to be sent to Linux
Australia.  This funding represents a significant amount for Linux Australia
and we can all help by passing the message on that the software may be free
but the medium costs money.  In this way we will also help the environment by
reducing the number of CDs that are given away only to be immediately discarded.

I will be scaling the numbers of CDs distributed to each group up or down in
proportion to the number requested.  If the number of CDs requested is very
low, I will keep some aside for Linux Australia to distribute to groups in
future for other promotional purposes (e.g. LCA Open Day).  Either way,
they'll all be distributed.

I have contacts for the Sydney, Bathurst, Hobart and Mt. Gambier Oz-SFD teams
- - if anyone can get in contact with the Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne, or
Adelaide, or indeed any other group in Australia that running an SFD team and
would like CDs, please pass this email on.

Once again, thank you incredibly much to Linux Australia and Replicat for
making this possible.

Have fun,

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