[Linux-aus] LA constitution/election/terms/ctte/handover change proposal

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Fri Aug 8 08:44:55 EST 2008


I think Terry and Jonathan's comments indicate the voice of wisdom/ 
experience, ie. that we should put forward these items as separate,  
distinct proposals to be voted upon. This will allow us to enact part  
of the proposal (hopefully still successfully) if other parts are not  
supported. In particular, as Terry says, I think the most critical  
part is longer and overlapping terms of appointment.

FWIW, I think we should start with two year terms. I perceive that LCA  
council membership is a big commitment and people may shy away (or be  
burnt out) from three year terms. If we start with two, we can see  
whether longer is required/attractive.


On 07/08/2008, at 8:57 PM, Terry Dawson wrote:

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> Peter Lieverdink wrote:
>> So, I was thinking it might be good if the structure of the  
>> organisation
>> and elections was such that these problems are minimised; ie: make it
>> impossible to swap out the entire council in a single election.
>> To this end, I have some suggestions:
>> 1) The council will consist of 8 elected individuals.
>> 2) People will be elected into positions for 2 (two) years.
>> 3) At each election, only 4 positions are open, not all 8.
> I like this aspect of the proposal and think it's worthy of proposal  
> on
> its own. Continuity is very important, and unlike LCA, the LA council
> doesn't have any event similar to Ghosts to perform a handover each
> round, it's sudden death, and the more council members change, the  
> more
> dramatic the handover.
> Terry
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