[Linux-aus] Australian Open Source Industry & Community Census 2007

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Wed Sep 19 00:05:25 UTC 2007

Australian Open Source Industry & Community Census 2007

  STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! This is not Just Another Random Survey (tm) about
  Open Source. This is THE CENSUS, a huge opportunity to show the Australian
  market (and the world!) just how strong our Free, Libre and Open Source
  Software (FLOSS) industry and community are. So support your industry and
  community today... STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

Waugh Partners is proud to announce Australia's first nation-wide research
effort to study commercial participants and individual contributors involved
in the Australian Open Source industry and community.

The Census is led by Waugh Partners, supported by principal research partner
NICTA, our sponsors IBM and Fujitsu, and endorsed by community and industry
organisations Linux Australia and Open Source Industry Australia.

Who should complete the Census?

 * INDUSTRY: If your company sells, supports or services Open Source related
   technologies in the Australian market.

 * COMMUNITY: If you're an Australian citizen or resident working at home or
   overseas, and you contribute to Open Source projects and communities in
   any capacity -- not just software development!

Okay, that's me: I want to know more!

 * The aim of the Census is to research the size, scope and strength of the
   Australian Open Source industry and community, and bring hard numbers to
   bear on the current market perceptions of this space.

 * The output of the Census will be a printed report of the major findings,
   accompanied by Waugh Partners analysis, to be published in February 2008
   (and available as a freely-downloadable PDF), and ongoing Waugh Partners
   analysis throughout the year.

 * To ensure accuracy and quality of results, the Census is not an anonymous
   survey. Waugh Partners is committed to protecting your privacy -- please
   check our policy: http://waughpartners.com.au/research/census2007/privacy

 * Participating companies will be sent a printed copy of the Census report
   and have the opportunity to be included in an online Open Source business
   directory. Participating contributors will have a chance to win one of
   five GP2X Open Source gaming units!

 * Jeff and Pia will be travelling around the country to promote the Census
   and local Open Source companies during our Meet the Open Source Industry
   Roadshow in September and October. Come and see us in your capital city!

Stand up and be counted!


- Jeff

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