[Linux-aus] Bids for linux.conf.au 2009 host city

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Fri Sep 14 07:01:50 UTC 2007

[Posted from my home address for convenience, imagine
 my AARNet work address above]

For the information of responders...

As usual AARNet would be delighted to be asked to sponsor
Internet access for LCAs held on university premises.
This offer requires the concurrence and cooperation
of the host university, which cannot be assumed.

We ask that your on-site networking be simple and
reliable and show our network to its best advantage
(eg, running with multicast and IPv6 enabled and at
high speed).  We will provide address space.

We ask that you assign one person to liase with both
the university and with AARNet.  We have some limited
sponsorship requirements, which we usually don't
take advantage of because we've more important fish
to fry.

We ask that you request attendees not to misuse the
network, since that would lead to PR issues for us.

We may or may not be in a position to provide Internet
access to an LCA held away from university premises.
We note that some conference sites have exclusive
arrangements with some ISPs. Such arrangements
can involve considerable expense for conference holders.

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