[Linux-aus] SFD public liability insurance

Terry Dawson terry at linux.org.au
Fri Sep 14 02:25:33 UTC 2007

Ben Powell wrote:

> I was wondering if LA was going to extend its public liability insurance to SFD teams as it has in previous years? I hadn't seen anything on the mailing list - is it going to be available this year? 
> Its pretty important for small teams like ours.

Ben, and all other SFD'ers,

Pia has already mentioned that we will be extending Public Liability 
Insurance coverage to SFD this year as we have in past years.

I thought I might offer a quick explanation of why we seem a bit 
disorganised about it this year.

As many of you will know there has been considerable interest expressed 
in having Linux Australia extend its Public Liability Insurance to not 
only formal events such as LCA, SFD etc, but out to other community 
activities such as usergroup meetings and fests of all kinds.

Our existing insurer was not only expensive, but increasingly expensive, 
wanting us to take out additional cover for each discrete event tha 
arose. This was not only costly, but came with a considerable and 
annoying administrative overhead for each event.

The committee decided to explore what options were available to us, and 
we opted to change provider. Unfortunately our timing wasn't great 
(completely my fault, I'm sorry!) and SFD crept up mid-insurer.

Fortunately our new insurer not only recognises and understands how 
non-profit organisations typically operate, but they also provide 
excellent customer service, so we're very hopeful we'll have it together 
in time.

Anyone on Pia's list of SFD organisers wanting/needing a copy of our 
certificate of currency should have it today.


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