[Linux-aus] Making Links Conference

David Powell (Moondrake) moondrake at aanet.com.au
Thu Sep 13 10:30:02 UTC 2007

Hi All,

Haven't checked my e-mails for awhile so my response is a bit late... 
but for what its worth...

James Purser wrote:
> Has anyone heard of, or attended previous iterations of the Making Links
> Conference?

Haven't been to it before, but will be presenting at this one to talk 
about how FOSS software (custom GLP'd php/mysql app in a joomla wrapper) 
has assisted my organisation to overcome some common challenges facing 
human service peak bodies in Australia.

The non-profit sector is very susceptible to scare tactics about FOSS 
(cost-blowouts, expensive consultants, command-line only etc) so the 
more people talking at this about how it can and does work the better. 
But I think specific examples are probably the way to go in terms of 
winning them over...

I did notice an abstract up there today by someone else talking Open 
source generally, the first para of which reads:

"The presentation examines the fit of Open Source solutions to an 
example systems architecture for a medium sized community organisation. 
It includes a discussion of the operational issues focused on the 
practicality of implementing and maintaining Open Source solutions. A 
brief discussion of the long term viability of particular Open Source 
solutions and the movement in general is made. An examination of the 
business drivers towards an Open Source solution and in particular, the 
economics, is made using the same example."

Read the rest at 

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