[Linux-aus] mel8ourne.org broken?

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Sun Sep 2 10:44:05 UTC 2007

*hic* yeah i wossname... t.. tr.. tripped! thazzit! over the *hic*
thingie. cable. cable? yeah cable.

DNS is back up, mail is back up, lists are back up, web is partially
back up. Unexplained (possibly) hardware failures suck.

- P.

Steve Walsh wrote:
> Hi Simon
> Thanks for the heads up. We knew about it this morning, but after giving 
> the DC monkeys a chance to earn their Bananas, option 3 in Plan B was 
> selected by the ctte and the draft Request for Comment was raised for 
> the Technical Sub-committee to action. This then lead to the Mandatory 
> 30 second cooling off period, and then we moved onto the "washing the 
> coffee cups" stage.
> Long story short, Steps Have Been Taken, and now we're just waiting for 
> the intertubes to update. Depending on the ISP you're with, it's either 
> working now, or it'll be up again soon.
> On another note, Proposals for the recently added "Get Peter Lieverdink 
> Drunk" Papers stream are being accepted. Anything proposals involving 
> South Gin and wheelbarrows will be favorably looked up.
> Regards
> Steve Walsh
> Your Friendly Neighbourhood LCA08 Networking Guy.
> Simon Lyall wrote:
>> The mel8ourne.org domain appears to not be working very well. I think this
>> is due to ns.creativecontingencies.com being offline.
>> Just thought I'd post in case people who can fix this are not aware of the
>> problem (all my contacts for them seem to be @mel8ourne.org or @cc.com.au )
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