[Linux-aus] mel8ourne.org broken?

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Sat Sep 1 07:30:19 UTC 2007

Hi Simon

Thanks for the heads up. We knew about it this morning, but after giving 
the DC monkeys a chance to earn their Bananas, option 3 in Plan B was 
selected by the ctte and the draft Request for Comment was raised for 
the Technical Sub-committee to action. This then lead to the Mandatory 
30 second cooling off period, and then we moved onto the "washing the 
coffee cups" stage.

Long story short, Steps Have Been Taken, and now we're just waiting for 
the intertubes to update. Depending on the ISP you're with, it's either 
working now, or it'll be up again soon.

On another note, Proposals for the recently added "Get Peter Lieverdink 
Drunk" Papers stream are being accepted. Anything proposals involving 
South Gin and wheelbarrows will be favorably looked up.


Steve Walsh
Your Friendly Neighbourhood LCA08 Networking Guy.

Simon Lyall wrote:
> The mel8ourne.org domain appears to not be working very well. I think this
> is due to ns.creativecontingencies.com being offline.
> Just thought I'd post in case people who can fix this are not aware of the
> problem (all my contacts for them seem to be @mel8ourne.org or @cc.com.au )

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