[Linux-aus] Revenge of the Linux Australia Coffee Fundraiser

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Tue Oct 30 17:20:32 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

The caffeine addicts amongst you may remember that I ran a fundraiser
for Linux Australia in 2006 where you got to buy coffee to help Linux
Australia.  Now, thanks to Kaldi Coffee, it's even easier than it was
before!  Kaldi have launched a brand new website, and when you buy
coffee you can select a non-profit institution to donate some money to. 
Thanks to Linux Australia's previous involvement, Kaldi has listed LA as
one of these organisations.  So you can buy some great, Rainforest
Alliance approved, locally roasted coffee _and_ help Linux Australia by
going to:


and choosing the 'Fundraising and Online Shop' button from the top
menu.  You people should be able to figure it out from there :-)

Where the 'fundraiser' bit comes in is that orders of 9Kg and over are
shipped free!  So if you get together with your friends and/or local
LUG, you may be able to get a bulk order for no more than the cost of
the coffee.  I can also mail you flyers if you want to promote this as a
fundraiser in your local group, so that people can read about the blends
and write a list of orders that you can compile easily.  I'm organising
one in Canberra Real Soon Now (several coffee addicts including myself
are running low on supplies).  Of course, this doesn't stop you ordering
on your own if you so desire.

I also have another plan which I'll float by the LCA committee and post
more details on in the not too distant future.

Have fun,


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