[Linux-aus] Server to donate to another LUG - DarLUG is no more.

Anthony Hornby ahornby at darlug.org
Thu Jun 28 03:22:51 UTC 2007

Hi John,
Thanks for the comments. In the end it got down to just me doing everything, hardly anyone participating / wanting to do anything and I have a busy job now that I am still learning + a 16 month old daughter, and family has to come first. I just don't have the time and resources to build DarLUG back up on my own from here.

The remaining interested former members are looking into an informal get-together once a month or something like that as a possible way to get interest going again. The formal LUG is dead and the server is no more, but as you rightly pointed out there are still benefits to be had networking with peers locally.

And we all still use, support and advocate for open source in our own workplaces :-)

We'll see what eventuates, whatever it is, it needs to be fun and informal for now.

As to the server - let me know what the LA team decide.

Regards Anthony.

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Hi Anthony,e:

> DarLUG (Darwin Linux Users Group) is no more.

That's a great pity, but understandable when so much load falls on a
small number of people to keep a LUG going. Anthony, thankyou for the
time and effort you've put into DarLUG and maintaining the local
software mirror, and thanks also to everyone else who contributed to
DarLUG by organising, speaking, etc.

This raises an interesting question though: how to make LUGs viable in
smaller population centers. In order to keep the momentum going LUGs
need to attain a certain critical mass of both general attendees and
also those willing to donate their time and effort to make things
happen. Once participation levels slip below that critical threshold (as
seems to have happened with DarLUG) it becomes incredibly hard to keep
things going.

Of course there *are* active and successful LUGs in regional centers,
but perhaps there's a less intensive model that could be used where a
full-blown LUG doesn't seem practical? There are obviously still
individuals in Darwin with the same needs for technical support, social
interaction, mental stimulation, professional networking, and all the
other things that go along with LUG membership. But when the LUG is no
longer sustainable, what can those people do?

I don't know the answer, but maybe this is something LA could help with.
Some of those benefits of LUG membership can be obtained in a more
decentralised way with mailing lists etc, but that doesn't solve all the
problems. Nothing beats getting in a room with a bunch of interesting
people and hearing about new developments directly from the people
working on them.

Maybe Darwin needs a micro-LUG? If so, what would it look like? How
would its members interact? What sort of events (if any) could be run
with minimal effort? How could it be structured to minimise
organisational overhead? Perhaps it could exist as a local chapter of LA
rather than a separate organisation.

Thoughts anyone?

> Everyone got too busy and I dont have the time to maintain the server
> anymore.
> Most of the server was funded by a Linux Australia grant a few years
> ago and to do the right thing I'd like to offer to donate it to
> another LUG who can use it.
> The server is being shut down on the 1st September 2007 - so will be
> available after that date.
> Perhaps the committee should decide who gets it - thoughts???

Linux Australia is actually in the process right now of seeking another
server to set up member services and offer hosting / etc facilities for
LUGs. The intention is to seek out a vendor willing provide a server
under some kind of sponsorship arrangement, but maybe this machine could
be used. That way many LUGs could benefit from it rather than just one.
It's a bit under-specced for what we have in mind though, and we'd
prefer something rack mounted.

Cheers   :-)
Jonathan Oxer
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