[Linux-aus] Netcomm use Linux

Paul Shirren shirro at shirro.com
Thu Jun 21 00:20:54 UTC 2007

David Newall wrote:
> Netcomm use Linux in their gear but don't acknowledge it, nor provide 
> source.  I've had a couple of gentle shots at them before, and all this 
> talk of lottery penguins has motivated me to try again.  I sent their MD 
> a letter (http://davidnewall.com/WhyIDon'tSellNetcomm.html).  I do hope 
> they mend their wayward ways.

As do Open Networks. I have told them, as have others.

Unless people who own copyright in the kernel or busybox get their 
lawyers to contact them I guess they won't respond. One more reason to 
assign copyright to FSF I guess.

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