[Linux-aus] Fwd: Use of Penguin Image on Instant Scratchie Tickets.

Jon 'maddog' Hall maddog at li.org
Wed Jun 20 11:30:41 UTC 2007

> Ouch..;-)
> It took a while for me to ponder this and the possible outcomes.
> But ethically, plagarism , once proven, is a black and white issue IMHO.

Then approach the lottery as you would your favorite charity and address
the issue of plagarism and attribution.  But remember that we already
have determined that you only have to do the attribution "if asked", so
the Lottery does not have to change their tickets.

And I would expect that you put the same zeal into talking to all the
other entities who have unattributed copies of Tux, determining if they
too claim to have an original design.


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