[Linux-aus] Grant proposal - Transport for Melissa Draper to speak at CLUG in June

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Thu Jun 7 05:22:16 UTC 2007

Mary Gardiner wrote:
> No comments on the core of the proposal, however, it would be very good
> if videoing of the talk and its prompt release under a suitable licence
> happened, obviously if Melissa agreed. I know AussieChix would be
> interested in it, for one.
Already ahead of you.  I had already planned to be recording the audio
as part of my longer-term plan to Podcast-ify CLUG meetings.  Because
getting access to the so-called 'AccessGrid' virtual environment setup
in the room is ... problematicalationally challenging ... I'll be
borrowing my brother-in-law's DV camera.  Then I will set my mighty
dual-core Athlon on the task of transcoding it into Ogg Theora.  I'll
then definitely host it on my torrent server, and I'll also see about
putting it on mirror.linux.org.au.  Of course, you may have to wait for
the weekend to roll around to have all that done and dusted, but I plan
to do it.

Of course, this would only go ahead if Melissa agrees to be so recorded.

Thanks for the great suggestion, Mary!


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