[Linux-aus] Grant proposal - Transport for Melissa Draper to speak at CLUG in June

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Mon Jun 4 23:47:27 UTC 2007

Date: 28th June 2007

Project Name: Melissa Draper to speak at CLUG meeting in June 2007

Aim of Project: Transport Melissa Draper from Albury to Canberra and
back by train.

Person Resposible for Request: Paul Wayper (paulway at mabula.net,
paul.wayper at anu.edu.au)


Melissa's recent posts to the Linux Australia list and her work
supporting the LinuxChix Australia group and the Ubuntu People community
has highlighted the topic of women's participation in FOSS projects. 
The Canberra Linux Users Group has almost no women participating -
coming to meetings or participating on the list.  A talk in November
last year highlighted this need but failed to answer the questions - why
is this the case and what can we do to encourage women to participate in
FOSS in general and the CLUG in particular.  Therefore, as a CLUG
meeting organiser I want to get Melissa to speak at the upcoming CLUG
meeting on these topics.  I believe her position in the FOSS community
in Australia, her proximity to Canberra and her willingness to travel to
speak at the upcoming CLUG meeting (communicated to me) make her highly
suited to the task.

I would see this as a 'proof of concept' grant to open the scope for
Melissa and other women to travel to LUGs across Australia to give
similar talks on encouraging women to participate in FOSS and our community.

The total cost of rail fares from Albury to Canberra return, leaving on
the 28th of June and returning on the 29th of June, amount to $69.96. 
This is the amount I am asking Linux Australia to pay.  Accommodation,
meals and other transportation will be taken care of privately.  I would also have a 'gold coin donation' bucket at the CLUG meeting for donations to Linux Australia to offset the transport costs, and to give the feeling of a shared goal.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. two revisions from the Committee proposal: subject now says June, and gold coin donation added courtesy of AJ.

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