[Linux-aus] [AussieChix] Talking on women in FOSS - help please?

Donna Benjamin donna at cc.com.au
Fri Jun 1 08:52:48 UTC 2007


Kelly Daly is currently on her honeymoon. She works at Ozlabs.

Perhaps you could ask her to talk at clug when she returns. 
Not necessarily about women in FOSS - but about anything FOSSy ?

Why not approach the regular cluggers and ask them to invite their
co-workers, friends, daughters, wives, sisters, girlfriends?

If they say no - they're just not interested - ask them why.
Discover what these women ARE interested in, start looking for topics
for clug that might interest the women you already know.

If your regulars don't know any women... then perhaps you have a
different problem.  ;)

And I reckon you SHOULD do the talk about women in FLOSS - summarise the
key points of the flosspols report - talk about your own experience at
linuxchix mini-conf this year - talk about your own thoughts about why
women aren't coming to clug - that might end up being the catalyst that
drives your current members to act to change things.

If I've got some business to do in canberra I'll let you know, because
I'll talk about anything. ;)

Donna Benjamin
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