[Linux-aus] Fwd: [FC-discuss] Volunteering for FreeCulture.org

harry harry at woodward-clarke.com
Sun Jul 22 09:00:11 UTC 2007

Hi Brenda et.al.,

> > 
> > Tonight, Sunday July 22nd, at 8pm EDT ([calculate your time zone][1]),
> it's not a good start to talk about free culture when the timezone 
> asserted is a local one and who apart from those that do know, knows 
> what EDT is? Dont the organisers know about UTC?


Of course, we *all* know that nothing of any real importance exists
outside the 5-mile limit of the continental United States of America,
and therefor the probability approaches unity that 'EDT' is 'Eastern
United States Daylight Savings Time'.

As for "UTC" - only if you mention it as 'Zulu-time', and then only
those who watch JAG or NCIS or some other 'Military
Intelligence' (oxymoron alert!) type TV show.

> Please convery my good wishes for its success, whoever joins in, 
> whenever it is ;).

Yeah, ditto and likewise.

veering onto a tangent, I'm pretty sure I have (more than) enough
american 'culture' (second oxymoron alert!) to deal with, without it
being 'free'. Though, you do get what you pay for... ;')


> cheers
> brenda

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