[Linux-aus] Grants Scheme and the New Site

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Mon Jan 29 08:34:01 UTC 2007

I agree, it looks good -- except for the (spam protected) email  
addresses. Why not combine the "form" with the email addresses into a  
(secure) form-mailer? i.e. a web form with the five fields (with  
appropriate space for each field) that when you click "submit"  
automatically posts to ctte and la (from the submitter = same ACLs as  
if from their client).

Following on from Chris suggestion for "more detail of successful  
grants" -- I would expect
<URL:http://linuxaus.k-sit.com/projects/grants/2006> to have at least  
a paragraph about each grant, and, if the grant work is complete,  
another sentence or two describing completion and pointing to the  
deliverable (if appropriate). This helps both in general  
understanding but also with accountability. Some of the deliverables  
have been reports on the conference, in which case a link to the LA  
email would suffice?


On 27/01/2007, at 11:09 AM, Chris Smart wrote:
>> At the 07 AGM we had a few questions about the LA Grant Scheme, why
>> people weren't taking it up as much as we would like and what  
>> could be
>> done to improve things.
> Perhaps a section with some examples of what other projects have been
> approved would be of benefit?
> For example, I made (and continue to work on) the Make The Move  
> website.
> But I don't feel confident that this is something I should apply for a
> grant for. I think this is part of the reason few people have put  
> in for
> grants: members are not sure what is or isn't appropriate and are  
> wary to
> ask for fear of looking ridiculous / embarrassment / asking for  
> money on
> something that others think is not appropriate / being flamed.
> Just a few thoughts :) Nice work.

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