[Linux-aus] Grants Scheme and the New Site

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Sat Jan 27 08:27:02 UTC 2007

> At the 07 AGM we had a few questions about the LA Grant Scheme, why
> people weren't taking it up as much as we would like and what could be
> done to improve things.
> I'm currently putting together the new site and I'm looking at the
> grants page and how to improve our processes. So here's the page I'm
> looking at: http://linuxaus.k-sit.com/projects/grants , I'm inviting
> your comments and ideas.

Looking good James, it's pretty simple to read and straight forward.

A few thoughts:
* Spelling mistakes, "proceedures" "sponsership" "resposible"
* Full "committee" rather than "ctte"?
* Maybe this sounds better, "Applications may be for, but are not limited

Perhaps a section with some examples of what other projects have been
approved would be of benefit?

For example, I made (and continue to work on) the Make The Move website.
But I don't feel confident that this is something I should apply for a
grant for. I think this is part of the reason few people have put in for
grants: members are not sure what is or isn't appropriate and are wary to
ask for fear of looking ridiculous / embarrassment / asking for money on
something that others think is not appropriate / being flamed.

Just a few thoughts :) Nice work.


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