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Wed Jan 10 09:22:02 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 12:49 +1100, Ben Powell wrote:
> Us down here at TasLUG discussed making this sort of suggestion to LA,
> but after much debate we decided that it would not be such a good idea
> because if a State/region did not nominate a member it sends a very bad
> message firstly to their community and potential members and secondly to
> LA and the general Linux community, although reasons for a lack of
> nomination are often to do with a lack of time to contribute (I know
> that all of the TasLUG executive are totally flat-out most of the time -
> and many of our members are too).  If a State/region does not have an LA
> delegate then it may hurt its chances of expanding as its potential
> community of members may see it as not being a 'serious' LUG.

I'd advocate having it be somebody not on the LUG or LA ctte. somebody
else in the community who can use this bit of cross-group communication
as a good way to contribute to the wider community.

e.g. for LUV, I could be the guy for 2007 - neither on LA ctte or LUV
ctte, but pretty well connected to both and understand what's going on.*

[*] this shouldn't be taken too literally as a "give stewart more work"

> This is why I made the suggestion of the Conference of Australian LUGs -
> it means that at least once a year a LUG exec member can meet with
> others and LA to share ideas and knowledge and hopefully develop
> strategies to better run their LUG and expand their membership. I think
> that the teleconf participation by a LUG rep is also an excellent idea
> to help LUG-LA communications - possibly putting this on a rotational
> basis amongst LUGs (rather than just asking for calls for participation)
> may be a good way of ensuring that everyone gets to participate.

perhaps LUG people joining LA ctte for full/half a day at their f2f? a
fly in/out from the most populated areas of the country is pretty cheap
(i'd be fine for springing for a hotel for anyone travelling from one
coast to the other though)

> On the issue of getting speakers, etc. to LUGs - this is something
> TasLUG's been discussing for a while. We want to try and have a major
> event in addition to our regular monthly meetings once a quarter eg. get
> someone (either interstate or overseas) down to talk at least once a
> quarter or run some other major event. It'd also be great to get a
> LA-rep down for one of these so we can all "touch-base". However, the
> limit of 50 LUG members may be a trifle high for many small-yet-active
> LUGs (TasLUG has over 50, but many others that are just as active do
> not) - the measure probably should be more based on activity with a
> smaller min. member number or alternatively on a purely discretionary
> grants basis, then the LA community has an opportunity to comment before
> making a speaking grant - although this adds extra admin to the LUG and
> to LA.

i really think we need a page somewhere that easily lists how to contact
LUGs for the "i'm in your area for work/holiday, is it a good time to
speak at your lug?". A number of us try to be proactive, but are rather
busy and travel does really sneak up on you.

> As far as getting internationals down to talk, maybe try and co-ordinate
> these talks with international visits for LCA - eg. after LCA maybe some
> speakers would be able to do a talk for a LUG or two. I know many of
> them are too busy and only fly-in/fly-out but if LA can even get 2-3 a
> year that will reduce the cost as the international leg of their fare is
> already paid.

certainly. would be a good plan to encourage this for 08. want to be the
co-ordinator of convincing speakers to travel a bit after the conf?

i know that several international guests have toured Tasmania at various
points and loved it... surely checking out the local FOSS groups would
be awesome too

Stewart Smith (stewart at
Committee Member, Linux Australia

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