[Linux-aus] New name for linux.conf.au in 2007

Tim Connors tconnors at astro.swin.edu.au
Tue Jan 9 14:37:02 UTC 2007

On Tue, 9 Jan 2007, Andrew Pam wrote:

> On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 13:51 +0900, Bret Busby wrote:
> > Then, try to copy the URL from PINE, and paste it to a browser window 
> > URL text box
> > 
> > Then, IF you can do that, you tell us how you managed to do it.

4.61 here (that's surprising, I seem to recall this machine having 4.64?) 
and I don't think anything has changed since then.

Heck, because I have ~/.mime.types and ~/.mailcap set up, I probably just 
"clicked" on the "link" with my "mouse", er "keyboard".

> Stripe over the URL with the left mouse button held down, then move the
> mouse cursor over the URL entry bar in your browser, click to make it
> active, hold down the "backspace" and/or "delete" keys until there is no
> text present, then press the middle mouse button to paste the URL.

Dude!  One step too many!  Most unix browsers (and those that don't are 
deficient and stupid.  Such as firefox by default) will goto a URL in the 
copy buffer (if a valid URL) if you middle click anywhere in the canvas.

> > Or, will Linux Australia be using the Cone Of Silence, when discussions
> > about the new conference name are to be held, so that we are prevented
> > from knowing the secret name of the conference?
> Yes.

And in the meantime, let's post more visual gags to annoy Bret.  Goatse.cx 
made me gag for instance.

Tim Connors

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