[Linux-aus] Nominations and their spiels for the LA election

Kim Hawtin kimhawtin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 14:16:02 UTC 2007

Hi Paul,

Paul wrote:
> I know the coffee fundraiser didn't do so well the first time - more due
> to announcement and timing issues on my part than anything else.  But
> I'd be happy to run other ones, at whatever frequency and distribution
> people would like.  I suspect quarterly or thirdly (i.e. every three or
> four months) would be enough.
> We had $368 in coffee orders, $228 of which goes to Kaldi and $140 goes
> to Linux Australia.

Good work =)

> As a fundraiser it's small change compared to what
> Kaldi regularly does - they've told me of fundraisers which made over
> $1000 for the organisation.  In total we had around ten people order 16
> bags of coffee - eight people were from within Canberra and five from
> within CLUG.  I'm not happy with this response, and want to generate
> more interest in it next time.

I'll be putting another order in when you do your next batch =)



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