[Linux-aus] Vista v. Linux Movie

David Powell (Moondrake) moondrake at aanet.com.au
Tue Feb 6 18:55:02 UTC 2007


Brent Wallis wrote:
> Something that can done right NOW:
> Gather a team of 4 parts:
> 1 part a creative panel that comes up with several storyboards for ads.
> 1 part that garners community input and controls the debate over which
> storyboard gets produced.
> 1 part that produces video from the story boards.
> 1 part that follows up and does things to point people to the video ads...
> ..then do it again and again and again....

Sounds like a good idea to me.

I know we have to avoid yet more amatuerish efforts in this regard,
but... last year a couple of TAFE animation students developed a
story-board/concept for an advertisement for the organisation I work for
(youth services peak in QLD).  They had to do it as part of a
work-experience component of their animation course.  I was extremely
impressed with what they came up with.  Unfortunately my org is a
non-profit so we couldn't pay them to take their idea from story-board
to finished product (would have been a flash animation we would have
used on our website, at conferences etc).

They quoted roughly $1k for their work.

Now that I think about it... perhaps the way to go is to turn this into
an annual competition for young designers.  The winning entry gets a
$1000 or so to turn their storyboard/concept into  something LA can use
wherever and a kickstart to their career amongst an industry that might
end up employing them in some capacity.

As far as promotion of a comp like that goes, as part of my day-job I've
got avenues into thousands of youth organisations around the country, so
getting the word around wouldn't be a problem.

Just a thought.



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