[Linux-aus] Vista v. Linux Movie

Nigel Cunningham nigel at nigel.suspend2.net
Tue Feb 6 09:23:02 UTC 2007


On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 09:38 +0930, Anthony Hornby wrote:
> Hi All,
> If linux is ready for the desktop (and I think it is) this sort of
> thing should be on TV, in the newspapers, on posters at your local
> computer shop, on TV "tech shows" etc etc etc ...
> Brand recognition is what it is all about (as much as I hate to admit
> it). Average consumers do not, and will not, invest a lot of time
> making purchasing decisions about computers and software - they just
> pick what they have seen recommended in the media or what the salesman
> at their local shop recommends.
> We need some of the bigger organisations to be actively promoting
> linux products in this way to get inroads into the home user market.
> It is market share that will bring along all the other things we want
> like more openness from hardware vendors (so better driver support for
> new stuff, better support for games and other commercial software
> packages (either natively or via wine) etc etc etc ...
> Get significant market share on the desktop and IE starts losing its
> grip in the browser stakes. Outlook becomes less important as an email
> client.
> Here's hoping ....
> Regards Anthony.

Amen! I'd love to see ads on telly right now. Some applying that Wow
slogan in ways Microsoft didn't intend...

Wow! They can shut down my windows installation just like that!
Wow! They get that data from my computer!

That said, it would probably be much better just to present the facts
there and try not to make it nasty.



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