[Linux-aus] AUUG to close? Will there be a rush of new members to Linux Australia?

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Fri Dec 21 05:54:59 UTC 2007

David Newall wrote:

> I don't think ACS could be an option if it meant that AUUG members would 
> then have to be ACS members.  Plenty of AUUG members, at least in the 
> past when it had plenty of members, wouldn't be eligible to join ACS.  
> The claim of being a professional association is honestly only 
> self-puffery.
> I don't know much about OSIA, but I know more than a little about ACS, 
> and it's not as good a fit as AUUG.

If what you know about ACS is 10 years old, then may I suggest you know 
little of ACS today.

No you wouldn't have to be a member of the acs under the circumstances I 
quoted (see the tsa article - 
http://www.tsa.org.au/public/news_detail.asp?id=42), what AUUG would get 
is the benefit of the national infrastructure, support, facilities and 
other tangible and non tangible attributes of ACS.

What ACS might get is a broader understanding of the whole range of 
software that is available instead of that which is promoted the most 
vigorously in the marketplace.

A fair trade in my view ;)


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