[Linux-aus] AUUG to close? Will there be a rush of new members to Linux Australia?

Donna Benjamin donna at cc.com.au
Tue Dec 18 06:32:19 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-12-18 at 15:42 +1030, Paul Shirren wrote:

> choose a cool indigenous name that suggests our ideals along the lines 
> of "Ubuntu".

... like moomba? "Let's all get together and have fun" or "Bum"
depending on the translation... ;)

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. 

Why does pure semantics and grammar nitpicking inspire such activity?
Why do we not see this fervour applied to doing cool stuff?

How's about we direct some of this energy into something productive?
If AUUG is to close it's awards should be resurrected in some way, by
some one.

What would renewed Australian Open Source Awards look like? What should
they triumph and champion? What should the nomination and selection
process entail?

I believe Jeff Waugh is investigating the way forward for doing
something along these lines. It would be great if we could put our
collective energy into a such positive initiative.

Whatever the case I believe there's room for AUUG in our community,
however they change their spots...

Linux Australia -> community association 
 (free membership for individuals passionate about FLOSS)
OSIA -> industry association
 (paid membership for companies selling FLOSS solutions, training, &
associated products)
AUUG -> professional association for people seeking training,
networking, knowledge sharing about Unix, be it FLOSS or not.
SAGE-AU -> Professional association for Sys-admins - FLOSS or not.

There's also ACS, AIIA, and IIA, the digital alliance, and a bunch of
others that aren't coming to mind...  We're part of an ecosystem, it
would be good to acknowledge that, work productively and get on with
doing something.

commas? Oh FFS.

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