[Linux-aus] Fwd: Ogg Vorbis and Theora removed from HTML5

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Mon Dec 17 04:37:26 UTC 2007

<quote who="Mike Lampard">

> Doesn't understanding the issues involved in a problem come some way
> toward solving it?  Some ideas will come from slightly left or right of
> centre, but that doesn't necessarily make them invalid.  If someone
> perceives a problem, isn't it far better for everyone if an attempt is
> made to understand the core issue, then address it, rather than dismiss it
> as coming from a loon?  

Sure, but when ill-informed people who understand an issue only on black and
white terms dismiss valid concerns as "blocking" or "conspiracy", they are
not attempting to understand the core issue. Consider the invective levelled
at the GNOME Foundation for participating in ECMA TC45-M. :-)

- Jeff

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