[Linux-aus] Some questions

Mike Lampard mike at mtgambier.net
Sat Dec 15 17:28:02 UTC 2007

On Sat, 15 Dec 2007 11:08:22 am Janet Hawtin wrote:
> Hi folks
> Would you like to throw your thoughts in the middle around these questions?
> do you visit a lug
no, the closest one I know of is 400km+ away.

> do you subscribe to a lug list
Yes, LinuxSA

> are you a member of another free or open community?
As a developer/contributor and/or admin of several free and opensource 
projects, I'm a member of a number of forums and 'lists that are dedicated to 
supporting the users of that software..  I also try to assist folks with more 
general questions in a variety of online-communities such as ubuntuforums and 
linuxquestions, as time allows.  Long story short: yes.

> are you a member of another 'maker' community?
If you mean proprietory/closed, then no.. Happily, I left the bad ol' days of 
proprietory software behind years ago :)

> what are the 3 best local events you participated in this year
> what are the 3 best national or international events you participated
> in this year
There was only one event I had the opportunity to participate in this year - 
Software Freedom Day - but what a day it was!

> is there something different you would like to be able to do either
> locally or nationally next year?
Start a local LUG! On a national level, all I can do is keep my eye on this 
list and add my 2cents if/when I feel I have a valid point to raise.  
Hopefully others will continue to do the same.


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