[Linux-aus] Some questions

Kylie Willison kmw at bridgeonline.com.au
Sat Dec 15 06:02:45 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-12-15 at 11:08 +1030, Janet Hawtin wrote:
> Hi folks
> Would you like to throw your thoughts in the middle around these questions?
> do you visit a lug 
no, too far from home, talks not of interest to me
> do you subscribe to a lug list
> are you a member of another free or open community?
yes, several
> are you a member of another 'maker' community?
not sure what this one means
> what are the 3 best local events you participated in this year
software freedom day, PC Building For Women course
> what are the 3 best national or international events you participated
> in this year
LCA, Open Day at LCA
> is there something different you would like to be able to do either
> locally or nationally next year?

possibly start a local group E.G. an Open Source Computing Club.

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