[Linux-aus] Letter to Standards Australia re transparency of OOXML process

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Wed Dec 12 01:28:26 UTC 2007

Hello Linux Australia committee,

As you know, an informal group of people outraged by Microsoft's
mistreatment of the international standards process has been
engaged with Standards Australia over DIS 26300 (OOXML).

The outrageous process continues, with many issues of concern
to the Linux community being excluded from the Ballot
Resolution Committee. For example, the ISO CEO has determined
that no intellectual property issues exist in DIS 26300, so
no futher discussion on that topic is permissible.

The BRM itself has no minutes, no observers. In short, no

For more detail see

Standards Australia gain their authority from the Commonwealth,
via a Memo of Understanding which requires:

 3.1.1 "scientifically and economically rigorous"

 3.1.3 "do not inhibit competition"

 3.5   "fair an acceptable balance of all interested parties"
       "full needs of producers, service providers, users"

 5.7.1 "documented procedures and systems for developing standards"

 5.11  for international standards, ensure participation of local
       experts and present their views at international forums

I have listed these terms as people aware of the process followed
for DIS 26300 are well aware that Standards Australia has failed
to meet these terms.

I ask that Linux Australia lobby the Commonwealth to bring to the
new government's clear attention the failures of Standards Austalia
in the DIS 29600 process.

I ask that Linux Australia do so by:

 - writing a letter to the responsible Minister outlining the

 - requesting in that letter that the Minister direct Standards
   Australia to disapprove DIS 29600.

 - meeting with the Minister to discuss this matter and future
   reform of Standards Australia's involvement with the computing

I am happy to assist Linux Australia in these tasks.

Please let me know shortly your decision on this request.

Thank you, Glen

 Glen Turner  <http://www.gdt.id.au/>
 Tel: 0416 295 857 or +61 416 295 857

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