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Harry Woodward-Clarke harry at woodward-clarke.com
Tue Apr 24 03:46:20 UTC 2007

Hi All,

>> http://vista500.ifastnet.com/

just had a peek at this (Microsoft is a reality, we need to live with it -
we don't need to 'love' it).

A petition to ask Microsoft to pony up $350K to sponsor a car, not "let's
put together our own money to sponsor a car in Microsoft's name" (not that
they could, I think). But quite a different proposition to "hey eveyone,
donate a buck or two to help this out".

> They may well be able to turn the tux500 concept into a public relations
> negative for Linux.

why? If the tux500 had asked IBM/Novell/RedHat/<insert other FOSS
supporting company name here> for the money, then yes, there would be a

But with these two proposals, we are comparing (shall we say) 'apples to
oranges'. ;')

>I'm not sure it is wise to play PR people at their
> own game.

only if we use our own 'bigger / better' PR people - and I am fresh out -
sorry ;')


Harry Woodward-Clarke
harry at woodward-clarke.com
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