[Linux-aus] Marketing Linux

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Mon Apr 23 23:18:06 UTC 2007

Jon 'maddog' Hall wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-04-23 at 22:50 +0930, Andrew Pam wrote:
>> linuxaus.1.tracyanne at spamgourmet.com wrote:
>>> http://vista500.ifastnet.com/
>> They may well be able to turn the tux500 concept into a public relations
>> negative for Linux.  I'm not sure it is wise to play PR people at their
>> own game.
> Indeed.
> I have been silent until now about the issue of the "Tux500", but I
> would not recommend supporting the "Tux500" effort for several reasons:
> o I think the money might be spent in many other ways that would be as
> good or better advertising for free software
> o I agree with others on this list who have stated that guerrilla (e.g.
> "word of mouth", "viral") marketing is the way to go.
> And finally, something that no one else seems to have mentioned:
> o what happens if the sponsored car looses, comes in last, crashes and
> burns, etc.
Curse, I was going to get in here with the obligatory "Windows Car
Crashing" jokes, but Maddog beat me to it.

And that Vista 500 site looks to me like serious astroturf.  Gates could
pay for the entire thing out of his pocket change, and Microsoft
Marketing could certainly move money around to make it look like there
was a huge swell of public support for it.  Pity they've only got eight
sign-ups so far... :-)

Have fun,


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