[Linux-aus] Marketing Linux

lloy0076 lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Tue Apr 24 01:00:46 UTC 2007


> Stating that the community will "suffer" if the project fails is
> really quite ill-informed and very, very incorrect.

If the project "fails" then the community has invested a lot of time, 
effort and it seems a lot of money to not meet whatever goals it has set 
as its determinant of "success".

That said, provided the project is managed properly and the community 
prepares for forseeable "failures" then clearly the community 
"suffering" may be lessened.

[i.e. proper risk management strategies are undertaken]

Wouldn't this best be framed as:

  * What risks do we have if we continue with the project?
  * How do we actually defined the project "failure" or "success"?
    - noone seems to have a clear idea at the moment
      * some think the car has to win
      * some think that the exposure to the other communities is success
  * Are there other ways we could spend the time, money and/or effort(s)
    - and how do they compare with this way

I'd tender the discussion is starting to go around in circles and I'm 
suggesting that I'm seeing arguments ad absurdum being used.


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