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linuxaus.1.tracyanne at spamgourmet.com linuxaus.1.tracyanne at spamgourmet.com
Mon Apr 23 21:57:00 UTC 2007

> They may well be able to turn the tux500 concept into a public relations
> negative for Linux.  I'm not sure it is wise to play PR people at their
> own game.

If we do nothing and the Tux500 project fails, they most certainly will be 
able to do a PR that's negative to Linux.

If we as a community can make this happen, here are the scenarios.

1) there is a Team Linux car in the Indy500, it gets mentioned by the commentators
a lot, in part because it's a community sponsored efort - this fact will not 
slip past the commentators.

2) the News media will splash it all over the news, worldwide (Most of our 
news is US sourced). The hook will be community sponsors Team Linux car at 

doesn't matter if the car crashes - more media coverage anyway - wins or 

If Microsoft sponsor a car as well, here are the scenarios

1) it contextualises Linux in the eys of the public
2) it gives us an opportunity to talk about the community and how the
money for the sponsor ship was raised by hundreds and thousands of Linux
users, while the money from Microsoft was a cheque signed ina corporate
office on a whim.
3) Linux get even greater exposure, because the press has a better hook.

doesn't matter if the Linux car crashes - more media coverage anyway -
wins or looses.

The only bad PR is the PR we are likely to get if this project doesn't 
come through with the goods.

1) no, or continued little, coverage of Linux in the mainstream media, 
but we're used that aren't we. We expect that.

2) Linux community incapable of getting behind Tux500 race car project 
coverage, attempt to raise money fizzles. 

This last would be better than what we get now, and better than 1)
above, at least Linux would be in front of the public for a short time.



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