[Linux-aus] Marketing Linux

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Thu Apr 19 01:30:32 UTC 2007

James Purser wrote:
> Unless you can show that either a) There is a market for the show, or b)
> You are willing to pay for the timeslot (and you won't get anything
> before midnight), the commercials won't touch it.
> The ABC might, but it is vulnerable to "Bias" claims and as such could
> see any show watered down to include "the other side" of the story.
> SBS would be your best bet
My partner had the idea of writing to the National Press Club to see if
they'd be interested on having a talk from a prominent member of the
FOSS community.  This is the sort of thing that business do all the time
to get their side of the story told, and it costs nothing.  Likewise,
she thought that the ABC or SBS would probably be quite interested in
doing a brief story on something like Catalyst or Four Corners about the
rise of Linux, and with the fifteenth anniversary of Samba (thanks
Chris!) this sounded like an ideal focus.

Ultimately, what I think Linux Australia should do is get some of this
grant money we keep talking about together and get a professional PR
firm to look at the question of promoting Linux and FOSS in Australia. 
Get them to put together a variety of plans based on different budgets
and then put that to the members and committee of Linux Australia. 
That'd save Jeff a lot of derogatory ranting about everyone else not
knowing what "more value" meant without actually telling anyone what his
idea of "more value" was.  We'd have a concrete set of proposals and
would be able to decide from real alternatives, not get bogged down in
hyperbole and dissing.

Have fun,


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