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James Turnbull james at lovedthanlost.net
Wed Apr 18 06:47:40 UTC 2007

Melissa Draper wrote:
>> We would be better off looking at service clubs (Lions/Rotary/Apex) and 
>> the way they raise money for worthwhile community projects. Something 
>> for a Children's Hospital, or assistive technology for disabled people, 
>> education projects like OLPC etc.
> I would personally vote for the Children's Hospital idea.
> Every year on Good Friday the Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital has
> the day-long telethon, and lots of people publicly hand over giant
> cheques. If we were to spend the next year accumulating funds for this
> through LA, I'm sure we could achieve this.

The RMCH actually does very well out of their appeal - sick kids is
naturally a popular cause.  I'd recommend looking at charities - such as
those for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities who:

a) Don't get as well funded and,
b) Where LA could make use of not only money but technology skills, such
as adaptive technology


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