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Tue Apr 3 06:46:16 UTC 2007

considered Australasian support for NZ partners from the things which
long term you might want to be able to choose to do locally and
decisions and partnerships which would be best developed by locals?

Theres heres some things I think I'd be asking if I was an NZer.
And im not so theres probably different things to ask as well..
or perhaps some of these are old ground and not useful.

- Who are we and what do we want from a LUG.
- What do we want it to provide
- What do we want to provide to it.
- What kinds of skills and activities do the current folk have or want
to have. eg.
- Are we largely aiming for social activities for busy people or
looking to undertake volunteer work for community centres and people
who need access to technology?
- Is our group primarily employed in IT or employed in other areas or
volunteer/unemployed and able to commit more time.
- What kinds of projects would be useful for finding and working with
new people.
- How does the OSNZ political group generate momentum and activity?
- Who are the natural partners for LUGs in NZ.
- Are there university LUGs? How do they hook in?
- Are there academics teaching open source subjects who could help build
interest in LUGness?
- Is there interest in open source in the schools?
- Are there Maori folk in NZ interested in doing a Maori translation and
can they be introduced to open source community and helped to set up a
project to make it happen? Is there a govt group which might fund
something like that?
- Since the NZ schools are open to teaching local languages could a LUG
a Maori Linux which supports them in providing resources in local
languages. Perhaps grant funding is possible from that angle?
- What did NZ do last Software Freedom Day, what would NZ like to do
next SFD.
What kinds of funding does your government have available for technology
community work.
What businesses in NZ are open source aware and which ones could be.

I guess I'm trying to look at the factors which would make the NZLug
valuable for the local community and how to focus on specific things
which would give you maximum joy for effort.

Could you rejig your NZLug to use a LinuxAu org model where running the
org is distinct from the projects. Would this offer you the freedom to
have people from wherever contribute to the specific projects
while retaining the local orgness of an NZLug?

It is certainly nice to have a window into the thoughts of folks
having a go in NZ =).

Im coming to Linuxconf and looking forward to learning more =).
Some of my grandrellies were NZers from Dunedin so im probably some kind
of export anyway. =)



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