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Tue Apr 3 06:46:16 UTC 2007

across Australia. A case of this has arisen through me today with a major
Insurance broker offering donations in 9 capital and provincial centres (a
total of some 250 complete PIII systems plus Laser printers etc). [For the
record, the locations are: Darwin, Brisbane, Townsville, Sydney, Canberra,
Melbourne, Hobart, Launceston, Perth.]  The donor requirement will be for an
appropriate person from each ComputerBank unit to contact the company's
nominated Sydney-based project manager through me to establish mutually
convenient local pick up arrangements. This arrangemeent does not therefore
involve any financial transactions between ComputerBank units.

But if an Alice Springs corporation wanted 50 items and was prepared to
support the idea of another 50 being made available to the local community
on the basis you proposed, then I for one would support the initiative.

Leon, I hope that my free-range thoughts (I'm considering writing a book!)
are of some interest and give you and others some insight into ComputerBank
currentb thinking (at least my NSW-based view). We welcome other ideas and
suggestions at any time.


Geoff Tregenza
ComputerBank NSW Inc

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> On Tue, 4 May 2004 09:25, Michael Still wrote:
> > Does anyone here have a comment to make on this grant?
> Yes: do it. Amongst other things, it will keep the pipe open for later
> donations, after this windfall is cleared, and might give country areas
> an infusion of gear which starts or maintains a local computerbank-ish
> (reliable contact with the outside world is far more valuable in
> isolated regions).
> Open question for Geoff: would it fit within the rules to do stuff like
> "selling" your donated machines for twice the price of freighting them?
> The concept I have in mind is that if a corporation in (say) The Alice
> has a use for fifty older computers, can they either...
>   * freight 100 to Alice Springs, keep 50 and hand 50 to the local
>     computerbank-ish for preparation, or;
>   * freight 50 in, and in the absence of a local ComputerBank slash
>     ComputerAngels chapter donate whatever their own freight costs
>     were to CBNSW to allow someone else to get 50 machines?
> Chees; Leon
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