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Novensiles divi Flamen noven at sincorp.org
Fri Sep 29 13:13:02 UTC 2006

I've heard some pretty interesting comments about the ACS in the recent thread 
about the Mandatory Registration  proposal. That issue aside, I have a total 
newbie question to ask regarding the relevance of the ACS.

I only graduated 18 months ago, before then I felt {despite my experience} I 
had no right to call myself a 'professional'. Once I graduated I thought that 
joining the ACS and subscribing to a set of professional ethics was the next 
logical {even essential} step. As the first thing I did was move to the 
desert and work in community development that registration never happened. 
But my current overseas project has shown me that IT is what I want to be 
doing full time and when I return to the country I will pick up my career. 
Joining the ACS and subscribing to those professional ethics is planned to 
happen before I even start sending out resumes. Some of the comments on this 
mailing list have thrown doubt on how relevant such membership may actually 
be in practice. So my question is how relevant is it? Would most employers 
regard this as something necessary for me to be taken seriously? Or can 
people call themselves 'professionals' without subscribing to a Code of 

- Noven
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