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James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Sun Sep 17 19:35:03 UTC 2006

Julien Goodwin wrote:
> I'm only looking at the LCA brand here, the "Linux Australia" brand is
> seperate in my mind.

Having said they are separate, its been kind of nice over the past few 
years that Linux.org.au's annual conference is Linux.conf.au - kind of 
nomenclature symmetry. I'd suggest that this body continues with its 
annual conference having the same Comman Name of the organisation.

> However the one alternate name for LCA that has sprung to mind is just
> "open.conf.au", "a conference for open community, code & culture". It
> could have a footnote of "incorperating linux.conf.au" for the first few
> years. The other benefit of this name is that as an acronym it can be
> said as "ocker" :-)
I like the 'incorporating' for awareness, yes... keeping this branding I 
think is vital for a transition. LCA is well know globally. I have 
random tech staff I work with in London/NYC/San Fran who know of and 
wish they could get to LCA. So the 'incorporating'  tag line gets my 
thumbs up. Heck - we could even consider LCA as a mini-conf of the 
Australian National Free/Libre Open Source  Software conference, thus 
moving the current mini-confs from being mini-confs of LCA.

    "The Australasian Open Source Conference, featuring Linux.conf.au, 
gnome.conf.au, ..."

So, following this thought:
    floss.org.au (with a redirect of linux.org.au)
    floss.conf.au (with a redirect from linux.conf.au)

Or, drop the 'Free/Libre requirement and cast the net wider, but I think 
this goes beyond what most LA/LCA people would work with:

Whatever is chosen has to be pronouncable, and catchy if possible. 
Oss.conf.au almost sounds like "AusConfAu". And to be successful it has 
to be clear that this is the bigger, more expanded Linux.Conf.Au to not 
lose the awareness world-wide that LCA has.

Oh, and in doing this, streams and scheduling just got a whole lot 
harder. If you ran the Debian mini-conf at the same time as the Linux 
kernel (LCA) mini-conf, at the same time as the gnome mini-conf,  at the 
same time.... etc you'd have a lot of disappointed people who would want 
ot be in more than one place at once. Not that we can stretch the larger 
conference out to a month of activities, as there needs to be some point 
where all attendees coincide (and organisers get a personal day off to 
avoid burn-out!). We're already at a week's worth of activities already. 
Two weeks and we're almost as long as Wimbledon!

(core team 2003 in rehabilitation/London)

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