[Linux-aus] Request for Grant from Linux Australia for Ubertweak digital.linux.org.au version=3.0.3-la1

Janet Hawtin lucychili at internode.on.net
Sun Sep 17 14:47:02 UTC 2006

Andrew Cowie wrote:

> But even that is of questionable merit: how many "lets seed this
> community" efforts have we seen go by that don't ever turn into anything
> viable?

If you were a commercial investor looking only for financial return that might 
be the case. I feel that putting a small amount towards the kinds of projects 
that people are doing in their own communities has a direct benefit at that time 
for that event. Due to funding limitations for all not for profit groups in AU
which are now covering themselves for PLI and other non topical costs related to 
doing any kind of community activity I would say its bloody marvelous if things 
do manage to develop successful models for ongoing activities.

In South Australia even some of the long term pillars of the community.
There are CWA buildings for sale. The Wagga Wagga Carmelite nuns who made divine 
coconut ice (that i used to trade for Haighs frogs) have had to stop because 
they cant cover the insurance for the product and actually raise funds for 
themselves. Even if you are a couple of people who would like to have a tea and 
chat in your local community centre these days you need to pay PLI. Its a tax on 
your right to interact as a group. It does have a chilling effect.

There are many groups who do great work which might have a start - stop
activity level based on access to resources which make things go.
Think of them as water holding frogs; they hop out and sing when it rains.
We can't keep the rain falling but that doesnt mean there is no value in 
contributing to the kinds of activities which further linux and foss and yes
I think most groups these days are trying hard to have effective means of 
continuing those activities.

With regard to Ubertweak they have been running previously and look to have the 
kind of approach to funding which would give them a good chance at being 
sustainable. ie Aiming to get a range of sponsors.


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